Local Support

Local regulations, municipal agencies and town commissions can have a tremendous impact positively or negatively on farms. With 169 towns in Connecticut, the type, number and quality of farm regulations varies widely. CFBA works directly with farming members, county leadership and municipal land-use officials to ensure a favorable local regulatory climate for Connecticut farm business. As the largest general agricultural association in the state, CFBA is the trusted resource for guidance on:

  • The development of agriculturally friendly land-use regulations
  • The adoption of optional municipal tax programs for farms;
  • The adoption of agricultural commissions and councils;
  • Wetlands law;
  • The proper implementation of PA 490: Connecticut’s Current Use Tax Law for Farmland, Forest Land and Open Space Land.

CFBA farming members receive one-on-one assistance from staff expert, Joan Nichols, Executive Director – Director Of Member Relations, on land-use issues unique to their farming operation.